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Can we just talk about how this kid puts every pro choice argument I’ve ever heard to shame?


Here’s why

1. A fetus is not sentient or aware and doesn’t care about whether it gets aborted

2. a fetus ISN’T a child

3. The latin root doesn’t actually matter

4. Abortions aren’t performed on 5 month fetuses ‘all the time’ because the only time they’re done after 20 weeks (4.5 months) is when the fetus is dead, actively dying, suffers severe abnormalities or will kill the pregnant person.

5.THE FETUSES RIGHTS DO NOTOVERRIGHT THE PREGNANT PERSONS RIGHTS. ANy right to life the fetus has DOES NOT override the pregnant persons right to bodily autonomy. Not now, not ever. So saying ‘is the mothers right to choose really more important than the rights the fetus was never given?’??? YES. THE PREGNANT PERSONS RIGHT TO DECIDE WHO MAY OR MAY NOT USE THEIR BODY IS ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYONE ELSES RIGHTS, WANTS OR DESIRES.

6. Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy, so a person consenting to the act of having sex does not mean they should be denied abortions.

7. 54% of the people getting abortions DID use contraception and did NOT have unprotected sex

8. Abortion IS a form or responsibility (Woops, another thing she’s conveniently glossed over)

9. Actually ‘hard case’ is more common. 1.75% areto IMMEDIATELY save the pregnant persons life, 3-5% are rape and incest, and 12% are for mental or physical health reasons BEFORE they become immediately life threatening. That’s a LOT more than what she claims and I have sources to back it up, she doesn’t.

10. Those health problems are actually myths and have been debunked NUMEROUS times by non-biased sources. There is a WHOLE POST I did debunking a lot more than what she claims and what she claims! (And the number is way, WAY lower than ‘17% of abortion recipients.)The Cancer institute says she’s wrong about the breast cancer thing.

11. The mood disorders thing is also bullshit, no major prospective studies support that. In fact studies found the fair opposite. More people feel relief than anything else!

12. Alcohol and drug abuse more common? Interesting how I can ONLY find this on pro life sites and very interesting how I see 2x more likely, 5x more likely, 4x more likely… the inconsistancy reeks of bullshit.

13. God is not something you should be bringing into the discussion as belief is varied and *gasp* many religious beliefs actually teach a pro choice stand point.

14. Dr. Suess was pro choice, Hortan Hears A Who was about the internment camps of the japanese and the vietnam war and his widow not only donates to planned parenthood but regularily SUE’S people who use the quote she did for pro life rallies.

So no. She hasn’t ‘put every pro choice argument to shame’. She’s proven she’s a child with NO concept of what abortion is or why people get them. She’s committed a copyright infringement, she’s regurgitated all the pro life rhetoric every pro choicer has heard a hundred times and she’s proven she can’t be bothered to actually research her topic correctly (Did she use lifenews or something? Because she failed to mention any sources for information and got an enormous number of things very, very wrong).

Sorry but this kid hasn’t got a fucking clue what they’re talking about.




Please keep this circulating. Cops are getting more and more brazen, know your rights!

way more informative and helpful than just “dont talk to cops”


the starry sky on the himalayas

click the picture tho.


the starry sky on the himalayas

click the picture tho.


Alice in wonderland… :) <3


Alice in wonderland… :) <3

Women invented all the core technologies that made civilization possible. This isn’t some feminist myth; it’s what modern anthropologists believe. Women are thought to have invented pottery, basketmaking, weaving, textiles, horticulture, and agriculture. That’s right: without women’s inventions, we wouldn’t be able to carry things or store things or tie things up or go fishing or hunt with nets or haft a blade or wear clothes or grow our food or live in permanent settlements. Suck on that.

Women have continued to be involved in the creation and advancement of civilization throughout history, whether you know it or not. Pick anything—a technology, a science, an art form, a school of thought—and start digging into the background. You’ll find women there, I guarantee, making critical contributions and often inventing the damn shit in the first place.

Women have made those contributions in spite of astonishing hurdles. Hurdles like not being allowed to go to school. Hurdles like not being allowed to work in an office with men, or join a professional society, or walk on the street, or own property. Example: look up Lise Meitner some time. When she was born in 1878 it was illegal in Austria for girls to attend school past the age of 13. Once the laws finally eased up and she could go to university, she wasn’t allowed to study with the men. Then she got a research post but wasn’t allowed to use the lab on account of girl cooties. Her whole life was like this, but she still managed to discover nuclear fucking fission. Then the Nobel committee gave the prize to her junior male colleague and ignored her existence completely.

Men in all patriarchal civilizations, including ours, have worked to downplay or deny women’s creative contributions. That’s because patriarchy is founded on the belief that women are breeding stock and men are the only people who can think. The easiest way for men to erase women’s contributions is to simply ignore that they happened. Because when you ignore something, it gets forgotten. People in the next generation don’t hear about it, and so they grow up thinking that no women have ever done anything. And then when women in their generation do stuff, they think ‘it’s a fluke, never happened before in the history of the world, ignore it.’ And so they ignore it, and it gets forgotten. And on and on and on. The New York Times article is a perfect illustration of this principle in action.

Finally, and this is important: even those women who weren’t inventors and intellectuals, even those women who really did spend all their lives doing stereotypical “women’s work”—they also built this world. The mundane labor of life is what makes everything else possible. Before you can have scientists and engineers and artists, you have to have a whole bunch of people (and it’s usually women) to hold down the basics: to grow and harvest and cook the food, to provide clothes and shelter, to fetch the firewood and the water, to nurture and nurse, to tend and teach. Every single scrap of civilized inventing and dreaming and thinking rides on top of that foundation. Never forget that.

Violet Socks, Patriarchy in Action: The New York Times Rewrites History (via o1sv)

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An average day’s worth of straight men in Amiyah Scott’s mentions. It’s one thing to dislike someone and to talk about them, but to go into their mentions?

They’re obsessed.

This is so terrifying

This isn’t about disliking someone, this is transmisogyny, transmisogynoir, transophobia. This is hatred, in the strongest form. All these folks in her mentions can burn in a fire, get hit by a bus, whatever they aren’t deemed worth living to me. This is how unsafe Black Transwomen are, they can’t even exist in the comfort of their own space at home, on the internet without threats of violence, this horrific, and disgusting.

and what makes me so mad, and what’s an attitude that really needs to be fucking addressed in our community, is that so many of these men are threatening violence against her because they believe she’s trying to trick them. like this is how the media fucks with our perceptions because trans women have always been set up as a ‘trap’ to threaten the sexuality of the hetero-hypermale. they are operating within the myth that a) black women’s bodies automatically belong to black men for the pursuit of their pleasure and b) trans women’s bodies are ‘false’ and ‘deceitful’ female bodies, and by merely existing they are a threat to male heterosexuality.

trans women’s bodies are women’s bodies. women’s bodies belong to themselves. the world does not revolve around your shriveled ego and the satisfaction of your tragic libido.

^^ yes that. They’re attracted to them and their scared of it so they hate them.


Lmao exactly!!! Like why would her life affect you?? I’m so confused. “Straight” males have always confused me tho.


'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll; illustrated by A. E. Jackson. Published 1904 byHenry Frowde, New York.

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