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Chobits (ちょびっツ) ~ Chii (ちぃ)

Oh Mah Gah!  Adorbs!  Like damn… she is soooo cute! I am in love with that outfit.


Chobits (ちょびっツ) ~ Chii (ちぃ)

Oh Mah Gah!  Adorbs!  Like damn… she is soooo cute! I am in love with that outfit.

some genius - that dum song firflies with dog and cat instead of person
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the next disney movie

That’s every disney movie except Mulan, Pocahontas, and The Princess and the Frog.


the next disney movie


That’s every disney movie except Mulan, Pocahontas, and The Princess and the Frog.






This is an enormous chain and I’m sorry, but I need to say this:

The laws in the Old Testament were set forth by god as the rules the Hebrews needed to follow in order to be righteous, to atone for the sin of Adam and Eve and to be able to get into Heaven. That is also why they were required to make sacrifices, because it was part of the appeasement for Original Sin.

According to Christian theology, when Jesus came from Heaven, it was for the express purpose of sacrificing himself on the cross so that our sins may be forgiven. His sacrifice was supposed to be the ultimate act that would free us from the former laws and regulations and allow us to enter Heaven by acting in his image. That is why he said “it is finished” when he died on the cross. That is why Christians don’t have to circumcise their sons (god’s covenant with Jacob), that is why they don’t have to perform animal sacrifice, or grow out their forelocks, or follow any of the other laws of Leviticus.

When you quote Leviticus as god’s law and say they are rules we must follow because they are what god or Jesus wants us to do, what you are really saying, as a Christian, is that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was invalid. He died in vain because you believe we are still beholden to the old laws. That is what you, a self-professed good Christian, are saying to your god and his son, that their plan for your salvation wasn’t good enough for you.

So maybe actually read the thing before you start quoting it, because the implications of your actions go a lot deeper than you think.


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when did we replace the word “said” with “was like”

When we realized that language has the ability to evolve.

Or devolve as the case may be.


Flavored Lemonades

I absolutely LOVE lemonades and fresh fruit.  I went to this wonderful cafe, Ms. Dahlia’s Cafe, with one of my best friends in Brooklyn.  I had the best cucumber lemonade in life!  I immediately went on the hunt to find a recipe.  in my search, I came across a great blog, A Beautiful Mess, that has some amazing recipes for lemonades.  I had to share.  So here you go, enjoy, and I WILL POST MY OWN CREATIONS…after the snow melts.




It never has.

Funny how people are so eager to say ‘don’t fight fire with fire’ to the oppressed but they’re never saying ‘don’t start the fire’ to the oppressors.

What are the oppressed supposed to do, sit there and burn?

Oppressed people are perfectly entitled to hate their oppressors. They’ve spent a lifetime of hardship directly resulting from being oppressed by this group of people and you’re gonna tell them they have no right to feel hatred towards them? When some of these people are being abused, raped, and killed by their oppressors? You’re gonna tell them they gotta get along with them?

That’s fucked up.

Also, fat people aren’t skinny shaming and don’t support skinny shaming while supporting fat positivity… I don’t even know where that came from. Maybe it’s mistaking the idea of ‘thin privilege’ for skinny shaming? Which is just ridiculous.

And ‘heterophobia’ doesn’t even exist, do you even understand how systems of power work?

This whole post is basically ‘I stand in a position of privilege where these things don’t effect me and I’m going to tell you, the people beaten down by their oppressors, that you shouldn’t hate them.’

And to that I say Fuck You.

Okay now let me get one thing straight, 

Opressed people have the full right to hate their oppressors. It’s only natural. Fuck those people. BUT, by “oppressors” I mean the very individuals who hurt them. 

Because the thing going on on Tumblr is basically:

  • a white person hurt you? FUCK WHITE PEOPLE
  • a cis person hurt you? FUCK CIS PEOPLE
  • a straight person hurt you? FUCK STRAIGHT PEOPLE
  • a man hurt you? FUCK ALL MEN


And you know what? THAT is fucked up.


You can feel hatered towards your oppressor but ONLY because they oppressed you. Not because of their race/sex/gender/ect. You can’t hate all the white/cis/straight/male people because I won’t believe ALL of them hurt you personally. Don’t generalize. Because there are plenty of wonderful white/cis/straight/male people who are willing to fight oppression. And they are still simplified into “oppressors”, because of how they were born. Incredible.

(As for skinny shaming, I don’t think it works the same way as the ones above. I’ve never seen fat people hating on skinny people. I have, however, seen medium (ideal weight) people hate on skinny people, not as a comeback for bullying (like the ones above), but just for being skinny or being anorectic or having eating disordes. This is a whole different thing.)

See, you’re missing something huge. And that is that white people as a whole oppress PoC, cis people as a whole oppress trans people, straight people as a whole oppress non-hetero people and men as a whole oppress women.

Our society is patriarchal and white supremacist. Systems of power. Look up ‘kyriarchy’.

You don’t have to be doing it intentionally to oppress someone. Just being white gives you white privilege in our society. Just being cis gives you cis privilege in our society. Just being straight gives you straight privilege. Just being male gives you male privilege.

Now, some people are educating themselves and learning about their privilege so that they can actively check it and avoid stepping on the people oppressed by them. That’s great!

But the majority of people? Are not.

And oppressed people are very fucking valid in their anger about being oppressed by these majority oppressors and their privilege.

If you’re not part of the problem, if you are one of the people checking their privilege and educating themselves?

Guess what?

That anger probably isn’t directed at you.

But you ARE part of that problem if you are telling oppressed people ‘don’t hate’ and ‘don’t be angry’. You are silencing oppressed people. You are telling them not to fight back, you are telling them to keep all of those negative emotions bottled up inside.

Nope, not allowed to vent on tumblr! Not allowed to make jokes about your oppressors! You have to keep quiet so you don’t hurt the feelings of your oppressors!

Meanwhile these oppressors are raping, murdering, and abusing the oppressed.

But geez, gotta keep quiet about the anger about that, right?

Lemme put it this way.

Trans people, non-hetero people, PoC, and women are dealing with real oppression offline in the form of rape, murder, abuse and more.

Cis people, straight people, white people, and men are dealing with (at most) angry oppressed people making jokes and venting online.

Who’s really getting hurt here, the people dealing with real oppression in society or the people dealing with getting their poor fee fees hurt online because some oppressed people dared to vent their anger?